Narwietooma Aggregation Visitor Induction

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Welcome to the Narwietooma Aggregation. Your hosts are Willy & Amanda Brown. Please always follow instructions from them. You should be aware that a property like this can be a dangerous place. You are here as visitors and you must not participate in work tasks of any kind. Willy's mobile is 0429 775 465 and Amanda's mobile is 0438 891 767. Willy & Amanda can also be contacted on the homestead landline on (08) 8956 8525. The UHF Channel at Narwietooma is CH.10.


Times & Approved Activities


Please establish your arrival and departure times with your hosts and the activities you are approved to conduct whilst a visitor here. This should be done by calling Amanda on 0438 891 767 or (08) 8956 8525 and checking in with the property managers upon arrival and on departure



Expectations of you as a visitor


At all times you are to remain with your host or the property managers. Please do not venture off or far away from the main facilities unless approved to do so. Whilst travelling around the property with your host, you are to be dressed appropriately including closed in shoes or boots, a hat and sunscreen





Please respect the privacy of all people at the Narwietooma Aggregation. Remember - this property is home for our employees so treat the place as if you are in somebody elses house. There may be children present at the property as well so respect the family environment. Only consume alcohol in designated areas at designated times. This applies to smoking as well. Illegal drugs of any kind are not permitted on any Hewitt Agribusiness property. Do not enter the homestead or any other accommodation areas unless approved by the manager. Please clean up after yourself and leave the place in the condition you found it. Pets are not allowed.





Please follow all directions given to you for your own safety. At any time, there may be livestock, wild animals, aircraft, heavy machinery and vehicles moving around the property. Please do not enter restricted areas which have signs warning of such. If you are approved to use any equipment during your visit, you agree that you have the correct licence/ticket or Verification of Competency to use that equipment. You may be asked to provide proof of evidence.



Biosecurity Declaration


Hewitt Biosecurity Policy must be adhered to by all persons who attend a Hewitt production site. Any person attending such a site (a Visitor) must comply with the additional requirements set out below:

  1. All visitors must read and complete this declaration.

  2. All visitors must declare any recent domestic and international travel to the Station Manager before attending a Hewitt production site.

  3.  No person(s) may enter a Hewitt production site unless they have previously received permission from Hewitt management, including a biosecurity travel declaration and, if required, are accompanied by a Hewitt Employee.

  4. No person(s) may enter any Hewitt production site if they have within the previous seven (7) days returned from overseas travel, from any countries where FMD is present.

  5. All clothing including footwear must be both washed and clean before arriving at any Hewitt site.

  6. No unauthorised vehicles are to enter Hewitt production sites. Unauthorised vehicles are to park at designated areas and must not be driven around site.

  7. All/any suspected breaches of Biosecurity should be reported immediately to Hewitt Management who will seek immediate instruction from the Company’s veterinary practitioners to determine appropriate containment measures.

  8. All visitors must comply with the verbal or written directions of Hewitt personnel in relation to Biosecurity matters at all times.


These measures are considered essential to protect Hewitt primary production operations from the spread of disease. Any person found to be in breach of these measures, Hewitt’s Biosecurity Policy and/or Procedures may be held liable for the costs incurred by Hewitt in taking steps to contain or quarantine any potential biosecurity hazard that has or may have been introduced directly or indirectly by, or worsened as a result of the breach.





I am aware of the importance of Biosecurity policies and protocols at all Hewitt operational sites, and I agree to abide by these regulations and protocols at all times.




I acknowledge the points indicated above have been discussed with me and fully explained. I acknowledge failure to comply with these conditions may result in my visit being terminated. I understand if I have any queries regarding any of the points discussed, I should contact the Manager of this property. I understand it is my responsibility to protect my own health and safety and not affect the health and safety of others by my actions while visiting a Hewitt Agribusiness property.


 *Do you agree to the above statement?